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Hi, I'm Vanessa. I've been a hairstylist for over 15 years in Southern Orange County California specializing in hair extensions. I'm the proud mom of four crazy kids and have an amazing husband whom I happily share the chaos with. I have been extremely blessed to be able to pursue a career where I wake up every day excited to go to work. It isn't just about the hair; It's the whole experience. Through years of education and fine-tuning my craft, I personalize their hair extension experience to each person that sits in my chair. You can't just slap hair extensions on everyone's head the same way; it's an art. Not all women want long Victoria Secret locks. Sometimes the most drastic transformations are those who are looking to add just a bit of thickness to the thin, fine, see-through hair they've always had but just can't seem to naturally grow. Anyone can sit in my chair and I can give them a great cut and color, one that compliments their features perfectly, but there isn't a service out there offered where they leave my chair with as much confidence and swag as they do with the hair they've always wanted but never had. I thrive on the moment we finish up in the chair and my client doesn't even have to say a word. You can see it in their face, and feel it in the air. 

Being a mom of 4 I totally get that life gets crazy sometimes! As moms, daughters, bosses, entrepreneurs, students, and everything else in between, we all end up doing the same thing; We undoubtedly put ourselves last. It slowly starts to creep in and then ten years later, BAM! You realize you are exactly the person you told your 20-year-old self you would never turn into. Somewhere in the mix of life, you've lost the hair appointment that made you feel like Beyonce. That time you always set aside and made sure was pre-booked somehow lost its place in your calendar. That time has somehow turned into grabbing box dye off the grocery store shelf and slapping it on somewhere in between emailing a report to your boss, and picking up your kid from soccer. I'm here to help you realize one thing... It's OK to be selfish! It's OK to take a few hours every once in a while and put yourself first. It's time for you to allow yourself some "me time," and invest in your own self-confidence. After all, you can't treat yourself like box dye and expect to be seen as Balayage, my friend. 

I absolutely love meeting new people, connecting, and talking "shop." If you find yourself in a slump and need a confidence boost I would love to hear from you! 


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Absolutely love Vanessa. I had extensions put in for the first time for my wedding, and I had no clue what I was doing. Vanessa was so helpful and sweet and holy smokes did she do a fantastic job. I've had the most compliments! I added over 10 inches of length to my hair and you can't even tell the difference between my natural hair and the extensions. 

Very knowledgeable, friendly, professional, excellent work. Makes client feel at ease. I can't recommend her enough. She goes an extra 5 miles to answer questions via text, and on her own time. Will most definitely be going back and referring all my friends! Thank you Vanessa!

I honestly couldn't have hoped for a more natural result after a pretty drastic change! I had prepped myself for a long, difficult appointmentsince this was my first time getting extensions, and it was anything but that! Easy and she was great to talk to, and offered so much helpful advice. She matched my hair color PERFECTLY and the results are just great.

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